Posted by: Sarah | April 3, 2008

weaker people would have quit by now…

The pressure to succeed, to push farther, to prove that I can make something happen against all the odds, is mounting like I have never before experienced. The pressure is coming at me from every direction and I’m dishing it right back out, holding others accountable, pushing them to what I know they can do, what they must do. The result is going to be phenomenal, for better or worse. There is no middle ground for how this could possibly play out. We have invested way too much, challenged our assumptions and capabilities, built this up way too high for it to go unnoticed or come through as mediocre. I refuse to give up after investing a year of my life into this project. I refuse to fail or let this crash and burn. The only other option is ground-breaking success. Is that within our reach? How far are we willing to leap?


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