Posted by: Sarah | March 16, 2008

você fala português?

If I hadn’t already started learning Spanish, I probably would have ended up in Brazil after I graduated. As I took Latin American studies classes throughout my senior year, I focused nearly all of my research, papers, etc. on Brazil. As I am promoting the Buscando America exchange program to Colombia and Brazil, I can offer first hand advice and knowledge to answer just about any question that someone can come up with about Colombia. Coordinating the program with those in the country is so much easier when we can communicate in Spanglish to achieve the same goal. It’s definitely time to dive further into Brazilian culture (especially if there is a chance that I will be there this summer….). Capoeira and Portuguese? Por que não? Yesterday was probably the first time that I turned cartwheels since I was about 12.



  1. Brazil for the summer…que que? Sooo exciting! You’ll have to tell me all about it!!!

  2. IC?? **fingers crossed**

  3. omg!! I heart capoeira! are you learning angola or regional? can we play when I get back. pretty please (amon amon amon)

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