Posted by: Sarah | March 6, 2008

Excuse me too busy you’re writing a tragedy…

“Ofende al pueblo colombiano que algunos de nuestros vecinos sigan creyendo que las Farc representan los intereses del pueblo. Mi país reclama que las cosas sean llamadas por su nombre: Las Farc son una mafia narcotraficante, que para nada representa los intereses del pueblo colombiano”, dijo Ospina [El embajador colombiano].

Despite Chavez’s and Correa’s decisions to line the borders with Venezuelan and Ecuadorian troops, Colombia has held their ground that not a single solder will be sent toward either country. Colombia has no interest in starting any kind of regional conflict. At the OAS meeting in DC yesterday, Colombia accepted that it had violated the sovereignty of Ecuador (the organization stopped short of ordering sanctions) and apologized for crossing the border without informing the Ecuadorian administration. While the operation that killed Reyes and other members of the FARC should not have played out as it did and Colombia should be forced to acknowledge that, what about the support that Ecuador and Venezuela have been providing to the FARC, both in monetary terms and in allowing the rebels refuge across the border in foreign territory? The overwhelmingly positive steps that Colombia has taken over the past few months have been unnecessarily complicated by foreign intervention from neighboring countries, with whom Colombians have no intention of starting a conflict. Colombian people have seen way too much conflict in their lifetime; the fact that Chavez is throwing around threats of a South American/Andean war is disgusting.


  1. i believe chavez wants a war because he wants to take over all the andean countries and create his own empire. hes like veruca salt in charlie and the chocolate factory. i hope he gets gets rejected as a bad egg and thrown in the garbage as well.

  2. that´s exactly it, syd. he wants to ¨fulfill bolivar´s dream¨and unify the region. the problem is (aside from chávez being a bad egg)that dream´s time expired long ago that all the countries have their own strong national identities.

    The worst part is that while chávez is busy making stances against the US and plotting to take over the Americas, his own people and definitely Colombians are suffering from the tensions and lack of trade 😦

  3. i wish someone could just tell him to shuttup like how the Spaniard King did a while back.

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