Posted by: Sarah | February 8, 2008

Baila en la calle…

If I had to choose only one thing from Colombia that I loved the most, that made me feel alive, that captured the passionate culture above all else, it was the dancing. So many memories revolve around dancing – carnavals, chivas, concerts, dancing in the streets, dancing around our apartment, dancing in restaurants…there was almost never a time that we weren’t dancing.

I went to a salsa class tonight and it wasn’t quite the same. NY salsa is different from Colombian salsa. I felt the beat of the music running through me as I always have, my feet naturally fell into step, my hips moving back and forth… and yet for the entire hour, I was off-step from our instructor, whose feet moved too much, and whose hips moved not enough. Just like I learned to speak on the coast and my Spanish is Costeno or nothing, I dance like a Colombian, with a little bit of cumbia and mapale influencing my salsa. I step on the two, not on the one. And I have no intention of trying to change that.

Here’s to Barranquilla….



  1. agreed.

  2. The Egyptian lounge will forever top the frivolous desire for perpetual movement.

  3. Unfortunately I still dance like a gringo but that´s something I DO want to change 😉

    Jenny (the woman I´m living with) and her daughter are teaching me to dance…Jenny LOVES salsa and dacing in general and she says that when I leave i´ll be a pro. All of this she says in Spanish of course because she refuses to talk to me in English, which I love about her.

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