Posted by: Sarah | October 30, 2007

Fashion Faux Pas…

Two Romanian AIESECers – one currently a trainee in Madison, the other spending a couple weeks of vacation and business travel in the US – came out to New York recently. I laughed as we walked around the city and they marveled at how the city was exactly as they had imagined, just like the movies, how the bright yellow taxis everywhere and the fire escapes on the front of buildings seemed “so New York”.

As we were talking about the fashion culture of the city, both girls pointed out that the one thing that had puzzled them the most was women dressed in business suits walking down the street wearing running shoes. I explained that because so many people walk everywhere or take public transportation, many people carry their high heels and change when they get to the office. Both girls thought this was incredibly bizarre and said that if anyone did that in Romania, they would probably end up in the news because everyone would find it so funny.

I love trainees. I love the observations of a culture that only a foreigner is able to articulate because it is invisible to someone for whom these daily details are so normal.



  1. That tennis shoe thing was immediately obvious to me when I moved to DC. In fact, the Fashion Writer at the Washington Post is famous for her attacks on DC’s power gals for doing it. It’s awful. If you can’t handle the heels then wear flats, but , for God’s sake, don’t do that awful tennis shoe switch.

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