Posted by: Sarah | October 20, 2007

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…

Too bad that the first Friday night I ever spent in this crazy town consisted of sleeping in the airport with a flimsy blanket trying to cover my eyes from the slot machines that are in every waiting room.

I don’t think that I have been on a single flight in the past three months that hasn’t taken off ridiculously late and missed its connection if there was one. JFK needs to get its traffic under control somehow. I was not happy when we took off almost 2 hours late, knowing that there was no way we would make up enough time for my tight connection to Oakland.

We landed after midnight. As the flight attendant announced that all but one connecting flight had already left the ground, a collective groan went around the plane. As I suspected, the next flight into Oakland or San Fran that they could put me on wouldn’t get me there after lunch time, followed by an hour drive to the conference location. Things went from bad to worse when we found out that not only did the airline have no intention of giving us hotel vouchers, there were NO hotels available (Friday night in Vegas, go figure).

Their idea of customer service? Directing us to a different terminal that had more comfortable chairs for everyone to crash on for the night. comfortable? not really…..

sorry that there was no point to this post other than me venting.

hoping I make it to RoKS eventually, since it’s only a one-day conference as it is.


  1. wow thats pretty shitty!! sorry it happened.. hopefully karma will come around and sprinkle some happiness soon 🙂

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