Posted by: Sarah | October 12, 2007

If we had stuff to say in madison- you have stories in ny….

why do we talk so much and listen so little? why is communication so difficult when we say the same thing in such different ways? why do we run in circles?

the pieces are there, but they aren’t in place. am I doing enough to sort them out? how do you turn frustration into results?

the flashes of homesickness have hit hard this past week. those who travel know that homesickness goes both ways, just as much as [reverse] culture shock. patacones and maracuya mojitos at a cuban restaurant, ay ay amor heard on the radio, venezuelan candy bars, passing someone on the street with a mochilla, and other little reminders of colombia that would usually make me smile make me want to cry instead.

little by little, 16E18 is starting to feel like home. it’s been challenging, 4 strangers learning how to live together, make decisions, strike a balance, work through the tension … has led to laughter and bonding. for better or worse, this is home now and i’m starting to settle in. sadly, my hammock is still stored in a corner. hard to predict if that will change soon.

took a 5 hour bus ride upstate. brushed my teeth outside. camped in a yurt. smoked shisha on a roof. partied on a roof. took a boat tour around manhattan. went to a mets game. cheered when the badgers moved up to #5 and cried when they lost to Illinois. ran from my apartment down to the financial district and back to blow off steam. built furniture. painted. saw a chiva in manhattan and decided that is on the to-do list for the next year. experienced apple fest. ate sushi at least once a week. people-watched in union square. turned a year older.

in no particular order, that’s life. in a new york minute.



  1. yurts are gorges.

  2. so i just caught up with your blog and i’m so happy to see its latest additions.

    Realizing today i haven’t seen you in a year- and then was only for such a short time has made me sad.

    I love your quote about the feeling you get right before you leave a place…it captures how i felt leaving guatemala to a T.

    ps- i can’t believe you saw a chiva in ny.

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