Posted by: Sarah | July 30, 2007

So what if you catch me, Where would we land?

Hace exactamente un mes desde que sali de mi querida Colombia. Hace dos meses, todavia no tenia ningun idea de lo que iba a hacer. Nunca habria pensado que estaria viviendo en Nueva York despues de Colombia, mucho menos trabajando por el equipo de AIESEC USA. Hay algo de magia en este ciudad que yo sentia tambien el otro verano que pase aca, un sentimiento que cada dia esta llena de emocion. Quizas por eso que me parece que hace mucho mas tiempo que llegue aca.

Colombia seems like an eternity ago, yet not a day passes that I am not reminded of it in some way or another. After living abroad for such a long time, in a culture that made you feel alive and look at the world around you in a completely different perspective, that’s only natural. I had anticipated the severe reverse culture shock that had hit me after a semester in Paris, when I definitely was not ready to leave. This time, transitioning back to life in the U.S. has been much easier than I ever could have hoped for. The overwhelming amount of English was the first thing to hit me immediately, but since I have been enjoying the pleasant mixture of countless languages and cultures that surround me from the moment I walk out my door and step on the subway each morning.

Con un aguardiente en la mesa…two fellow gringo-latinos and I had a Colombian adventure out in Queens this weekend. It was simple, lunch consisting of pechuga a la plancha, arroz, frijoles, y patacones, yet so reminiscent. It was amazing how the little Jackson Heights bakery where we enjoyed empanadas y Postobon Manzana with everyone around us speaking Spanish, pictures of the Transmilenio on the wall, could have easily been back on the coast. A la orden.

NYC seems to be the crossroads of so many different pieces of my life brought together in this moment. In the past week alone, I have be reunited with friends from Colombia, from Madison, from high school. Perhaps that is why I have been lucky enough to feel neither culture shock nor home sickness. Traveling makes the world as large as your imagination can possibly handle and more. This city holds unexpected magic, unlimited possibilities, a little bit of everywhere I have called home.

In the past month, I have been reminded of why NYC is possibly my favorite spot in the world to spend summer. From 4th of July fireworks a few days after returning to the US to street markets, from running in Central Park to outdoor movies, this was how summer was meant to be.



  1. they have manzana postobon in NYC?? I´m coming to visit you…after that let´s hop on down to miami because I learned they have a crepes and waffles there, how cool is that. cynthia and I want to open one in either NY or madison, haha.

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