Posted by: Sarah | June 20, 2007

La locura automatica…



I wear my skirts shorter and my hair curly.

I can’t seem to escape the frustration that surrounds me, but I left behind some of the stress in Bogota.

Estoy contenta.

The sun shines through the window, there is something different in the air here. Somehow I understand so clearly why paisas claim that Bogota is too cold…in more ways than just the temperature.

If I were from Medellin, I would claim bragging rights as well.

Welcoming “my” Social Entrepreneurship trainees over the past week has been surreal, adding a deeper level of impact than that which AIESEC has already given me several times over, a sense of accomplishment that I have no words to describe. In spite of everything, being in Colombia for their arrival has been priceless.

I am so excited for them to make their own discoveries, create their own memories.

I feel a sense of bittersweet jealousy as well, knowing that they are about to embark on the journey of a lifetime, one that has changed me over the past year and is coming to a close.

I left the coast exactly a month ago, and I have lost count at how many times I have questioned whether or not I am making a mistake, holding out for so long, passing up other – possibly more sensible/responsible – opportunities, for something that I want so much, yet has been delayed for so long. I am scared of the disappointment that could potentially come my way….but the longer that I wait, the more than I invest into this process, the more that I know that it’s right, that this next challenge is what I want, what I need, where I can make the most difference…for myself, for others, for AIESEC.

I follow my heart, I have made some of the most important decisions in my life based on passion, not practicality…why change now?



  1. so beautiful, sarah! I admire your ability to follow your passions no matter how difficult it can be at times… I’m so excited for your job in New York as well! besos de brasil!

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