Posted by: Sarah | June 7, 2007

So let me slip against the current, let me slip away…

Camping adventures in Colombia mean sleeping in hammocks on the beach. More than the spacious rooms or the spectacular view of the city, the best part about my beautiful Barranquilla apartment were the hammocks hung in front of the two living room windows, allowing for hours of daydreaming. After months of searching for one that caught my eye (and wasn’t 200.000 pesos), Steve, Tiff, and I had a successful afternoon of souvenir shopping at the Artesenia markets en el centro de Bogotá, y por fin compré una hamaca que me gusta (por buen precio también!). Wherever my next home may be, I just need a corner big enough to hang a hammock, because this little piece of Colombia will be coming with me.


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