Posted by: Sarah | June 2, 2007

Esta es mi cancion de despedida….

Last night’s chiva celebrated the upcoming farewell of many in our group who will be saying good-bye to Colombia within the next month. More than just another crazy night out dancing, drinking, singing, and celebrating like most of the chivas that I have been on around Colombia, this one represented some kind of closure, coming full circle to my first chiva night in Colombia at AXLDS last April. It’s rare that you are able to return to a country that you first visited for an international conference, let alone to live for a year, and even more unlikely that you will revisit a club that you partied at during a study tour with many of the same people present. Walking into Compostela last night was a strange sense of deja vu, only this time I knew the lyrics to all the songs. Still no news about if and when I am leaving Colombia, but I’m making the most of every moment until that point finally arrives…




  2. you went back?!?!??!?! I might have fainted from the overwhelming sense of deja vu if I were you! QUÉ RICO!!!!! Consider yourself making me the most jealous I´ve been in a while!!

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