Posted by: Sarah | May 24, 2007

Setting the pace…

I have always found solitude in running. Not to race, but just for the escape that it brings from the rest of my life. Not running toward, not running away, just running. After 4 years of having the Lakeshore paths only moments away whenever I had a free moment to escape down to the trails around Monona or Mendota, my running routine was put on pause since I moved to Colombia. Between dangerously high temperatures, insane traffic, and broken sidewalks that almost guarenteed a twisted ankle, running outside in Barranquilla was out of the question. Granted, I went to the gym often, but I detest treadmills with a passion, spinning round and round and never really going anywhere. Since I arrived to Bogota last weekend, I have quickly settled into a different daily routine, one that I have instantly grown accustomed to. Yesterday morning, Steve pointed me in the direction of Parque Simon Bolivar, the equivalent of Bogota’s Central Park. From the moment my running shoes hit the path, the crisp mountain air filled my lungs, and I turned on my iPod, I felt my muscles spring to life and I was off. Pushing through the altitude difference that made it difficult to catch my breath, I found an energy reawakened inside of me that had been missing for far too long. I may never win the race, but may I never be forced to stop running…


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