Posted by: Sarah | May 17, 2007

All these places have their moments, with lovers and friends, I still can recall…

I managed to hold back the tears for the past week until this afternoon. As my plane departed from Barranquilla, destination Bogota, I finally opened the goodbye card that the UNINORTE LC had written for me at the wonderful despedida they threw me on Thursday. 

A week of goodbyes and emotions finally caught up with me and the tears started to fall. A year in the life of a trainee is worth a lifetime of memories. I cannot thank all of you enough.

Camilo, Pedro, Luchy – I will never forget meeting all of you at AXLDS and the surreal feeling of seeing all of you again when I arrived in Barranquilla last July, realizing that sometimes people come into your life for what you think will be a short moment and stay much longer than you ever could have hoped for. I will keep practicing my football skills. CHECK.

Ferkho – Yo te entiendo. Por fin. Como me dijeron, parece que hablo Costenol PERFECTO ahora.

JuanKi – mi hermanito. Stay out of trouble. Even if your big sister isn’t there to keep an eye on you. I will continue to tease you. siempre.

Alex, Bartira, Adele, Elena, Patrycja – for laughing with me through everything that we put up with in the language institute, from horrible computers to crazy morning classes to entrevistas to lunch at el Tunnel, working with you girls was priceless and I love you all.

Juanca – I will miss our chats outside the office. Muchisimas gracias por todo tus consejos y tu amistad.

Mau & Lorena – my OC, it was a pleasure to work with both of you and put together the best trainee weekend in all of Colombia. Thanks for helping to make CARNAVAL one of my most memorable experiences this year.

Aleja & Marta – my two best recruits. I love you girls so much.

Vanessa – don’t go hiking in Tayrona without me…you might get lost!

Newbies – I have enjoyed seeing you grow so much in just a few months and am excited to see what comes out of UNINORTE over the course of the next year. From pre-zonalito when you first met the trainees by surprise to the Zonalito weekend in Pto. Colombia, it has been a pleasure to get to know many of you. You all have so much potential and passion.

You have all made this year so memorable and I am so lucky to have met all of you. I arrived 10 months ago is some crazy Caribbean city and thanks to all of you, I am now happy to call Barranquilla “home”. AJA UNINORTE!



  1. you made ME tear up!!!!!!!! at least you know that whatever you´ll be doing next will also be very beautiful and rewarding! suerte linda!

  2. […] a ver a Alex, el día siguiente a Juanki, mi hermanito Colombiano, a Camilo, y a Tiffany, y a lo demas en Barranquilla. These are people who have had an incredible impact on my life, friends who I know I will be able […]

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