Posted by: Sarah | April 26, 2007

“I need your most tantalizing and captivating picture of Colombia.
To be used for internet marketing.”

Say what?

So … a picture is worth a thousand words + 9 months of traveling + thousands of pictures = …one picture?

As I flip through the photo albums, I have no idea where to begin.

Do I choose from Barranquilla’s carnaval, representative of the passion of Colombian people, the festival traditions that span the country, the music, and the dancing?

Or maybe a photo from the coffee region, a symbol of the country’s economy and culture, and the mountain ranges that traverse a third of the country?

Perhaps the Plaza Bolivar in Bogota, the center of Colombian politics, national pride, and the site of so many historic events?

What about the stunning beaches of Tayrona, the Caribbean national park, so carefully preserved, bordered by lush jungle that is stil home to some of the indigenous communities who trace their roots back deeper into history than most of the Colombian population?

Or the colonial coastal city of Cartagena, declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site?

How do you choose ONE picture to represent an entire country as diverse as Colombia?

“just ask yourself what would single handedly sell people on coming to colombia”

easier said than done…



  1. He asked me the same question. What a bastard. I had the same reaction.

  2. I sent him about 6 and told him to choose for himself.

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