Posted by: Sarah | April 16, 2007

I’ll find my day, maybe, far and away…

I miss Wednesday nights at Brats and Thursday nights at Bros.
A-bars. shisha.
Unlimited coffeeshops.
My roommates. Rollerblading.
Late night drives. Late night runs.
The passion that an entire university feels for a football team.
Complaining about walking up Bascom Hill.
My Paris girls and our reunions.
Spending afternoons on the terrace. Babcock ice cream.

I know that when I leave I will miss salsa dancing.
Crazy bus drivers.
Our pool at the Prado. Llamada guys.
Fresh exotic fruit.
Spontaneous excursions all over the country.
Living close enough to a beach to go whenever I want, even if I don’t always have time.
Learning phrases in Portuguese, Polish, German, and Patois.
Complaining that it’s TOO hot in Barranquilla.

Leaving bits and pieces of my heart all over the world.
Bittersweet. I haven’t even left yet. Caught between somewheres.



  1. Get a hobo and never miss shisha again ;).

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