Posted by: Sarah | April 8, 2007

It’s a small world after all…

I love the connections, the way that people are brought together through this organization that we have all made a part of our lives.

Scenario uno:
Xiomara – member of my LC in Madison, from Medellin. I spent New Year’s Eve with her family in Buga, small town in the mountains north of Cali, she left shortly afterward to attend the same study abroad program in Paris that I did Spring 2004.
Ivan – former LCVP X in B’Quilla, matched my traineeship, currently doing a CEED for AIESEC France.

A couple weeks ago, I was chatting with Ivan on msn and he mentioned that he had met a friend of mine. As I searched my brain trying to think of any AIESEC’ers who I knew in France (none), he said that Xiomara had stopped by the MC office in Paris to visit and meet some AIESEC’ers there, realized that there was someone from Colombia, figured out that they both knew me.

Scenario dos:
Katy – my AIESEC twin, took over as LCVP Event Coordination, just returned from AXLDS, and *hopefully* doing a traineeship in Colombia sometime in the near future.
Camilo – one of the UNINORTE @ers who I met at AXLDS last year who everyone remembered for sleeping onstage during opening plenary, recently elected LCP UNINORTE.

me: i hear that you met camilo from uninorte?
Katy: we were roomies on the study tour!! he has a video for you from me, he was like..SAY HI TO SARAH
me: did you meet a lot of the colombian delegates?
Katy: ooomg yes..i fell in love with them, they were first ones i latched on to

make the world your comfort zone? DONE.



  1. Tell him I say I say what’s up…and let me know how ridiculous that video is please. i pretty sure i’m waving a colombian flag loud and proud.

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