Posted by: Sarah | April 6, 2007

Raindrops keep falling on my head….

We survived our adventure into the jungle, which was one of the most unique trips that I have ever taken. We really did swim with pink dolphins in the Amazon, fished for pirahnas, watched the fastest moving sloth you could possibly imagine as our guide climbed up into the tree after it, and held caymens (type of alligator). Our rubber boots were a laughable attempt to “stay dry” on our hikes through the rainforest when we ended up crossing water that inched higher and higher, to our thighs, above our waists, and finally deep enough that we needed to swim across. Blair, Julia, Melissa and I had the lodge to ourselves for 5 days and we enjoyed every minute of it.

Melissa and I arrived back to Bogota yesterday evening for the second half of our nice long spring break. As much as we loved the rainforest, it was nice to return to civilization…away from all of the misquitos…wash our nasty jungle laundry and enjoy some fine dining in the Zona Rosa. Bogota remains my jumping off point, I have been here several times, and despite a few unlucky incidents that several of us have had here, this city becomes more and more appealing each time that I return.

I realized earlier today that yesterday was exactly one year from the date that I had first returned home to Madison from Colombia. So many memories come back as I recall the first time that I arrived to Bogota last year and like others, I feel a pang of jealousy thinking about others who were able to go to AXLDS this year, hopefully having an equally life-changing experience. My life has changed so much since my first encounter with Colombia last year. I smile as I wander through the city and remember my initial discovery of different spots in the capital city, each time that I have returned since then, and the wonderful people who I have spent time with here.

My time in Colombia is winding down quickly. What comes next remains to be determined, my future still seems to be one large question mark. For now, all that I can do is cherish mi vida colombiana, for I know that it will be one more memory all too quickly….



  1. Sounds dream-like. No rain forest here, but there are nice buildings, good beef, and Antarctica…yeah I know not as cool. Cuidate!

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