Posted by: Sarah | March 29, 2007

Suddenly before my eyes, hues of indigo arise…

My duffel bag is sufficiently overpacked with books for the 18 hour trek to and from Bogota. My iPod is charged and I have scored some dramamine to knock me out on the overnight bus ride halfway across the country. Plans have been made to crash with a trainee in the cosmopolitan capital for a few hours before our flight takes off Saturday morning to the Amazon. I managed to find my vaccine card in the mess of my closet that confirmed that yes, I will be good to go play in the jungle and will not contract yellow fever. I even talked my VP finance into giving me an advance on my salary with the argument that there is no ATM access where I will be going. SPRING BREAK = t-7 hours. PSYCHED.



  1. vaccine card?! bwahahaha

  2. You better take pictures dammit!

  3. never get enough of your adventures. Make sure you show me the jungle´s pics before yo leave this summer!

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