Posted by: Sarah | March 8, 2007

The next big move, destination: UNKNOWN

I get so excited when I hear about my fellow nomads’ exciting plans for the upcoming semester, as they plan study abroad, traineeships, and other crazy excursions. This one will be heading in my direction this summer and I would love to be able to visit this one.

Now that the excitement of Carnaval has passed, it seems that my time here in Barranquilla is rapidly spiraling toward its concluding moments. I realize that I still have a few months left, but at the same time, I ONLY have a few months left. Spring break will be upon us in less than a month, and I know that the time after that will pass even more quickly.

It has been just about a year since I first stumbled upon this country which has now become home. Odd. I find myself in a strangely identical predicament to what I was going through at this time last year…pondering what my next move will be. I am not ready to leave Colombia, but it is rare that you are ever really ready to leave a place that you have fallen in love with. Eventually you need to let go and be open to what will come next, because otherwise you never would have gotten to where you are. I have no idea if it is the right time for me to let go of Colombia.

Job hunting is starting to wear on me. It becomes so much more frustrating when I am uncertain of what I am looking for. Impatience. Uncertainty. ANTICIPATION. EXCITEMENT.

Where will I be a few months from now? Only time will tell…



  1. Try understanding what you don’t want first, that helped me a lot. Goodluck and don’t cross a trip back to BA off your list just yet!

  2. Our destination is always unknown. I remember your post a year ago when you were still in Maddison, and you didn’t know you were comming to Colombia. It worked out pretty well, didn’t it? I am very glad.

    You know what? you are one of the happiest people I’ve ever known. Keep the same way 😀

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