Posted by: Sarah | February 27, 2007


A culture, a tradition, a source of pride, a way of life.
Barranquilla’s Carnaval is considered to be the largest festival in the country, one of the largest in the world, a mixture of the Afro-Caribbean-Latino culture rolled into one 2-month long celebration.  

During Carnaval, the racial and cultural diversity of Barranquilla becomes blurred. People no longer view each other in shades of black and white, but rather in every color of the rainbow.

This is a scene dominated by makeup artists, fashion designers, and beauticians, who are faced with the challenge of designing the most vibrant, elaborate, and all-around over the top costumes, headpieces, hairstyles, and makeup patterns.

Everyone is white and everyone is black, everyone is beautiful, everyone is Barranquillero.

Whether 2 years old or 92 years old, there is no excuse not to be dancing. The spirit of Carnaval means quite simply that there is no excuse to be left out.

Poverty does not matter, nor does crime, nor sadness, nor any other harsh side of reality. Carnaval is meant to be felt, to be lived, to be embraced.

La Reina, the Monocucos, the Marimondas, the Negrita, the Torito, Joselito.
The cumbias, porros, mapalés, gaitas, chandés, puyas, fandangos y fantásticos merecumbés.
The Batalla d
e Flores, the Gran Parada de Tradicion, the Parada de Fantasia.
The Festival de Cerveza, the Festival de Orchestras.

Each character, each creation, each dance, each comparsa, each parade, each concert, has its place. Each reflects something strictly African, specifically Spanish, exclusively Caribbean, exceptionally COLOMBIAN.



  1. […] when I wasn’t able to come down for a visit over Christmas, a reunion of sorts from Carnaval 2007. I got butterflies in my stomach when I purchased my ticket, but it still didn’t seem real. […]

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