Posted by: Sarah | February 22, 2007


The trainee weekend idea was sparked 3 weeks after I arrived in Colombia when I made my first of several trips to Medellín for the Feria de las Flores. More than the parades, the parties, or the Antioquian city that I have since come to know and love, the diversity of our crowd in Medellín made the weekend one-of-a-kind.  

Shortly before Christmas, I brought up the idea of hosting our own trainee weekend to Camilo and Lucia. After subsequent trainee weekends in Medellín, Cali, and Manizales over Winter Break during which several people had expressed interest in coming to visit BQuilla, I returned to the coast determined to reunite with everyone one month later.

Per the freak-out nature of a few of my previous entries, the planning of the event was nerve-wracking and exciting all rolled into one. From the early planning stages, it was evident that Mauricio, Loren, and I had a ton of work ahead of us. If we were going to do this, I wanted to go all out. I became frustrated at times with conflicting work styles imbedded with cultural differences more than I have ever come across in my job. Yet somehow through the mixture of communication and miscommunication, reservations and cancellations, emails and text messages, Spanish and English, ins-and-outs of event planning, every detail of the event fell into place at the very last minute, as you always will happen. From the minute that the trainees, LC and MC members started to arrive from around Colombia, I knew that I was in for the best weekend ever.

USA, India, Russia, France, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, England, Mexico, Bolivia, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Brazil, Israel, Canada, Germany, and Colombia.

I was reunited with some of my closest friends here, people with whom I have shared adventures all over Colombia, who have inspired me and who have been some of the most amazing and passionate people I have met since I arrived last July. I met so many new friends, both @ trainees and other random nomads that had met up with the others along the way. I have each and every one of them to thank for making the experience what it was.
I could not have imagined spending Carnaval with anyone other than you guys …. muchisimas gracias 🙂




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