Posted by: Sarah | February 21, 2007


As the last few trainees and I watched the concert last night in Barrio Abajo, sporting our sombreros bolteados, sipping on Aguilas, too exhausted to even move our feet, let alone dance, the Barranquilla Carnaval 2007 came to a close. We slowly made our way home, saying goodnight and goodbye to each other and to one of the best experiences many of us have had during the past year in Colombia. 

Quien lo vive, es quien lo goza.

Until you live it, you really cannot understand it. Any expectations that I had for Carnaval based on the stories of others, any idea that I had formed about the festival based on the energy that I had experienced during the pre-carnavals, paled in comparison to the real deal. I am still in awe of it all. I have considered Barranquilla for home for quite awhile. I love my lifestyle here, I love the people, and I love how much they love to be Barranquilleros. But until a foreigner has seen the Carnaval for themselves, they have not really seen Barranquilla.
Mi historia de la carnaval va a necesitar muchas blog entries…



  1. You’re the best host ever Sarah! You are like a Barranquillera now. Being Barranquillero is something special… is having the rhythm in your veins, the glory of past years in your memory and the spirit of a young city in your future.

    Thanks a lot for leading this weekend full of trainees, party, culture, friends and AIESEC spirit.

    I am really happy of having such a great trainee here in Colombia!

    Never go away Sarah!


  2. […] weeks later, I will be jet-setting down to Colombia (yay!! insert excited, giddy squeal here) for Carnival in Barranquilla. US based adventures this spring include DC, Green Bay, and San Diego (running […]

  3. […] a reality when I wasn’t able to come down for a visit over Christmas, a reunion of sorts from Carnaval 2007. I got butterflies in my stomach when I purchased my ticket, but it still didn’t seem […]

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