Posted by: Sarah | February 14, 2007

You take it on faith, take it to the heart…

Curled up in my not-so-comfy office chair, wishing that I had a nice tall latte to power me through the day but settling for a tinto. Arrive to work by 7 am but not planning to have much time for work today. AIESEC has once again taken over my life. frustrated, worried, anxious, excited, confused, nervous, stressed, DETERMINED….I have about every emotion possible running through me right now. My mind has been racing all week. I have to believe that, despite everything that makes me want to think that I am in way over my head, I am going to be able to pull this off. I refuse to give myself any other option. Running on PASSION…Pushing forward….and I’m off….



  1. happy Valentines day chica

  2. isn’t it a great feeling? 🙂

  3. strangely enough, yes, best feeling in the world 🙂

  4. what in the fuck are you doing? Drop me an email…

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