Posted by: Sarah | February 12, 2007

What it is…

DANCED in a parade danced as a MONACUCO, attacked everyone in sight with espuma, left speechless at the surreal feeling of being caught up in the heart of the carnaval. PARTIED in Santo Tomas amidst thousands, showed Gopi the beauty of the chuzo, passed around the ‘guardo, attempted to avoid the macaena and water balloons. SMOKED the shisha in the courtyard of my apartment, chilled at the frutera with Arthur, Jean, and Gopi at 4am. SWAM in mud, got stranded in the middle of nowhere. COOKED an American style breakfast, an Indian style dinner. Fell asleep in the hammock watching FRIENDS, surrounded by amazing friends, knowing that the next two weeks are going to continue to be the ride of a lifetime.


  1. although I have no idea half of what you’re talking about, I totally get it

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