Posted by: Sarah | February 9, 2007

need to vent….

I’m getting really frustrated with the same old shit, people not following through on what they say they will do, maKing empty promises, making EXCUSES, having to pick up the pieces myself and take charge simply because no one else will. Katy and I have had this discussion before…how do you lead when you feel as if the only way to make sure that everything gets accomplished is to do it yourself? Now I am on the flip side where the leader is the one who doesn’t have his eye on the big picture and I am afraid that once I am finally able to step in, it’s already too late. arghhh. I may have adapted to most aspects of this culture, but the concept of time (or lack thereof) down here drives me crazy.



  1. oh that’s frustrating… do what you can chica and help him see the big picture.

  2. Incentive.

    Provide that and they will eat at your feet. Trust me, it works.

    Good Luck!

  3. I agree with my homie kg-its all about finding creative (or not so creative) ways to get people to do what you want them to.

    All that self-driven bullshit that we learned before is really that-bullshit. Don’t just provide the platform, push them off. The key here, though, is to make them think they jumped of their own accord…

    And I’m so cynical…

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