Posted by: Sarah | February 8, 2007

I always take the long way home…

I returned to my apartment yesterday evening to find three wonderful visitors, a delicious Indian meal being prepared in my kitchen, and the HoboHookah sitting in the center of my dining room table. I made a few phone calls, found a place that would deliver some double apple shisha and coals to my front door, and spent the rest of the evening amidst the cappuchino and manzana scented smoke, the laughter and conversation of great friends. Question to a certain few nomads out there…Has the Hobo ever been smoked from a hammock before? If not, it has now, and I must say, the setting was ideal.


  1. Got any pictures of the Hobo? Arturo has been slacking with the pics, and we need some new sweet locals with the Hobo in them. Shoot me an email.

    (PS where are you guys geting tobacco from?)

  2. random arab restaurant. It’s been tough going witht the shisha because I live with a family and the house that it was staying at wasn’t so shisha friendly. Now it’s better so i’ve finally finished the capuccino that you origionally gave me. Lot’s of potential buyer though.

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