Posted by: Sarah | February 6, 2007

10 days and counting….

Pre-Carnavals have been well underway for several weeks. I doubt that anyone in this city has been able to avoid at least one espuma (foam) or macaena (cornstarch) attack. Even more impossible to ignore is the sense of excitement that has been building across the city, from Puerto Colombia down to Soledad. If you are in Colombia right now, Barranquilla is THE place to be.

Planning a Trainee Reception Weekend during the 2nd largest Carnaval in the world has been quite a task thusfar, especially considering the other two OC members keep reminding me that I can’t even imagine what I am getting myself into until the official festival is underway in about a week and a half from now.

Loren and Mauricio have been taking care of the in’s and out’s of scheduling the weekend to correspond to the best parades, events, and parties in town. Coordinating registration and logistics has been perfect for me, since I already know most of the trainees who will be coming and have been convincing them to visit since our last rendez-vous in Medellin/Cali/Manizales. My first visitor(s??) is arriving this afternoon, and more should be on their way soon.

I am definitely high on the excitement of planning another big event once again….it’s been awhile. After several failed attempts of people telling us that all reservations had been booked weeks ago, we finally managed to come across a chiva to kick off the trainee weekend. AIESEC’ers don’t generally like to hear that things are impossible. Next step, finding places for all of our guests to crash. Flashback to Halloween in Madtown 2005.

This Carnaval buzz is definitely not conducive to lesson planning…


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