Posted by: Sarah | December 21, 2006

Your laughter’s still ringing in my ears…

Dozing in and out on my beach chair in Pto. Colombia, relishing the idea of not returning to UNINORTE for nearly a month, an all too familiar scent caught my attention. The sweet subtle mixture of smoke and apple. I whipped around and quickly spotted it behind us. Time to go make some friends.

“Donde compraste esto? Me gusta mucho, pero nunca he visto aca en Colombia.”
“Hay un restaurante arabe, aqui en Barranquilla.”
“Que sabor tienes? Manzana?”
“Podemos fumar con uds?”

Thus began the afternoon of shisha on the beach. They laughed when I told them they weren’t packing it right and asked with doubting expressions if I knew how to do it better. They were impressed with the Madtown shisha knowledge. The barn would have been proud.



  1. que buuueeeeeno!

  2. someone get this girl a HOBO!

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