Posted by: Sarah | November 22, 2006

worth the effort…

Whatever the cost, be it distance and money, there are no real obstacles when it comes to seeing the most important people in your life. I know what I am thankful for and I love you all.

Happy Thanksgiving.



  1. you’re in my house right now

  2. Yea, WTF? I was wondering why you were going to Bogota. I hope the shisha was wonderful. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. uno siempre tiene q hacer su mejor esfuerzo, dar el 100% en todo momento.
    esa es la unica forma de no arrepentirse nunca ni reprocharse nada jamás.

  4. hey you!

    check out my lat post 😦



  5. i saw you twice today randomly. In Madison.

    how do you like them apples?!

  6. what’d ya do for thanksgiving? hope it was fun!

  7. […] out here for grad school.  We have not seen each other since I visited Madison midway through my traineeship in Colombia.  There are some friendships that stand the test of time, no matter what, and that is a glorious […]

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