Posted by: Sarah | November 19, 2006

Gabriel Garcia Marquez and cappuccino shisha

reading Living to Tell the Tale and listening to an IPod full of Latina music is a sure bet for some interesting conversations on 18 hour bus rides across the country…I love talking to the locals who have had relatively little exposure to people from outside of Colombia and who are fascinated by the idea of a foreigner not only visiting, but living and working in their country, learning about Colombian culture…

…hanging out in Bogota, listening to Christmas music with Tiff, Arnie, and Steve, watching fireworks off the balcony, eating Doritos, McFlurries, and Reeses PB Cups, the HOBO is on it’s way, I fly out of the country at 230 tomorrow afternoon…..

life is good.



  1. Hobo arrived and was enjoyed.
    post pics ASAP and enjoy the motherland.

  2. i’m so happy to read about further explorations of Sarah Stafford. Grace misses Sarah. Sarah should miss Grace too.

    I dont know why I’m talking in the third person.

  3. Sarah Stafford misses Grace Hong as well. Sarah understands that sometimes Grace gets confused and perhaps talking in the third person helps.

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