Posted by: Sarah | November 16, 2006

¡Estoy Aqui…en Barranquilla se baila asi!



Shakira hizo vibrar de la emoción a las miles de personas que acudieron anoche al concierto que ofreció en el Estadio Metropolitano. Fue un espectáculo con su gente y para su gente, pues en él intervinieron Joe Arroyo, Los Hermanos Zuleta, Checo Acosta y Jorge Celedón. Por primera vez, en su tour ‘Fijación Oral’, la artista barranquillera mezcló su música pop con la costeña, tal como lo había soñado.

Shakira sent vibrations of emotion through the thousands of people who attended her concert yesterday evening in the Metropolitan Stadium. It was a show for with her people and for her people, including local openers Joe Arroyo, Los Hermanos Zuleta, Checo Acosta y Jorge Celedón. For the first time, as a part of her “Oral Fixation” tour, the Barranquillera artist mixed her pop music with a costeña style.

The energy, the magic of Colombian culture, the pride of a city filled the air last night as people young and old piled into the stadium. A city that is often seen as harsly geographically segregated based on socioeconomic status came together, rich and poor are nothing more or nothing less than Barranquillero, and no one would change that for anything in the world. These lines are blurred during the Carnaval celebration that will soon begin and in support of a local hero who has shown the world the talent and potential of a country known far too often only for its violent past. From the opening vallenato, salsa, and cumbia performances, to the artistic and entertaining performance by Shakira herself, the dancing and the singing did not stop, on the stage nor in the stands. The encore resounded with choruses of Barranquilla, te quiero, En Barranquilla me quedo.



  1. 4 flipin days

  2. Que chevere que hayas podido ir a ese concierto!!!!!

  3. Wow! In 2002 I was at the Shakira concert in Barranquilla. It was amazing! I am completely sure about the fantastic night you had!

    It was nice in Bogotá also but not that much as I bet it was in Barranquilla.

    Lucky you!

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