Posted by: Sarah | November 12, 2006

Spa day gone sour…

Manicures, pedicures, facials, waxing, massages, highlights….you name it, and it is crazy cheap here. The girls and I decided to splurge on a fun spa and shopping day around Barranquilla yesterday. There was one minor bump in the road however…I got the haircut from hell. My fears of not being able to explain what I wanted in Spanish underestimated the final result. Apparently the idea of “only a little bit shorter” doesn’t translate very well. I almost walked out of the salon in tears. Every single woman and girl, young and old, has longgggggg hair here, so I don’t think they know what to do when they see someone with short hair, but I felt as if the stylist was a toddler who had gotten ahold of their mom’s scissors and decided to randomly cut out large chunks of their own hair. It’s way too short to pull it back in a ponytail until it grows out and the layers have no rhyme or reason to them that I can see.

Update: I took matters into my own hands this morning and *snip snip* made a few adjustments. It looks significantly better, although this was one cultural experience that I could have done without.



  1. ooooo no!!!!!

    do i dare ask to see a picture?

  2. katy, stop blogging while you are at the library.

    there will be no pictures until further notice.

    thank you, have a nice day.

  3. damn. you got me.

  4. maaaaaaan, I want pictures. The best thing to do is remember that hair grows back, scarves can be really cute when worn on a bad haircut, and what a fantastic story this is and will be (AND how much better it would be with pictures!)
    miss you,

    p.s. I bet you would feel better if you saw some of my fantastic haircuts of the past, wow

  5. i had a mullet for a few years of my life…

  6. its okay this lady cut my bangs waaaaay too short back home. I cried, ended up wearing a head band for a good month or so..

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