Posted by: Sarah | November 3, 2006

Internal Displacement in Colombia

AIESEC Colombia recently launched a National PBOX on Internal Displacement and Poverty in Colombia. Alcance Social is a mutual cooperation between AIESEC in Colombia and Accion Social, the entity created by the Colombian govt. to manage national and international resources as well as to execute all social programs of the Presidency. These programs focus on vulnerable parts of the population affected by poverty, drug trafficking and violence. The objective of the PBoX is to stregthen processes of social economic stabilization of displaced population; and raise the awareness about internal displacement and poverty in Colombia. The internships of Alcance Social are fully financed by Accion Social and interns will work directly in projects of Accion Social as well as with NGOs all across Colombia. Right now there are 23 interns working together, 13 trainees and 10 Colombian AIESEC members. They are working right now in Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla, Bucaramanga, Manizales, Pereira, Armenia, Santa Marta and Cartagena.

Want to learn more? The blog that the Medellin Alcance Social trainees have recently set up is worth checking out.



  1. thought bubble….

  2. this is what I want to do after my LCP term….hmmmmmm

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