Posted by: Sarah | October 27, 2006

Simon Cowell for a day…

All of the extraneros from UNINORTE were invited to Puerto Colombia (small town about 5km from B’Quilla) for the day to help judge the 7th Annual Atlantico English Song Festival. Middle school and high schools students from colegios all around the departemento Atlantico came to perform in the talent show. The Coliseo was packed with supportive family and friends. The idea behind the festival has been to encourage students to learn foreign languages through music, something that they are into already, and make it more fun than just sitting in a classroom.

Alex, Steve, Adele, Roger, Patrycja and I spent the morning listening to a little Red Hot Chili Peppers, Avril Lavigne, Carole King, ABBA, Evanescence, I will Survive, a crazy music video inspired dance routine to My Humps during the intermission, Elton John performed by a guy who we thought would be much more suited to perform Outkast, two renditions of My Heart Will Go On (one would have been more than enough…), and an award winning (slightly more Jamaican-styled than one would expect) performance of Red Red Wine by two middle school guys who we all swore looked older than us.

As we were judging the contestants, arguing over final scores, and handing out trophies, we mused over the idea that we could be judging the next Shakira…. yes, the concert is only a couple weeks ago…. we are getting excited 🙂

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