Posted by: Sarah | October 14, 2006

Friday the 13th in Manizales

Spent the day hiking through the jungle and the evening relaxing in the hot springs.
Not so unlucky if you ask me.



  1. Incredible! (By the way, you are one of my random people whose much more exciting life has been consuming all of my homework time.) I actually took a lot of interest to your blog because in spring 2008 I plan to do an internship in South America. I am a Spanish major and I have already studied abroad in Spain and would like the chance to learn the distinct dialects of Latin American countries as well as experience yet another culture. Then I found Salaam and I was torn. Then I decided why not do both!

  2. egad. you can’t get as lucky can’t yah?!?!? Aaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

  3. you’re lucky, it’s getting so cold here. i am definately interested in south america.. any suggestions? brazil immediately stands out.

  4. […] traveled to Chinchina, at the heart of the eje cafetero, walked through the coffee fields, saw workers picking beans, […]

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