Posted by: Sarah | September 6, 2006

Through the eyes of a student…

“English Assignment”

Colombian culture is almost the same all across the country but we sometimes run into sub cultures that differ from one city or region to another as to the way people talk behave or think.

People from Barranquilla are well known for the way they treat each other, their hospitality, joy, they are very open-minded, extremely happy, sociable, out going and very helpful.

For example, people here enjoy having neighbors’ meetings, partying sometimes without money, going to the beach with friends, drinking Aguila beers, going dancing to the same place but we never feel fed up in doing that.

That’s why we are so different from the rest, that’s why we are linked to being the happiest people in Colombia and that’s why most of the top ranked celebrities in this country are from here: BARRANQUILLA.

couldn’t have put it better myself.

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