Posted by: Sarah | August 30, 2006

any lucky penny will do fine…

friday night. crepe night part two. i took over sarah and alex’s kitchen for the second week in a row and put my amazing french cooking skills to work. ok, so perhaps crepes don’t exactly merit amazing cooking skills, but there was nutella and ice cream and fruit and wine and lots of good friends and it made me happy. plus the doorman at their apartment now knows me by name and sends me right upstairs. “otra sarah, si?” si.
saturday night. suprise party for andy. goofy birthday hats and pinatas. packed apartment. traditional colombian band. in usual fashion, we danced the night away. the music, the laughter filled the apartment in a way that cannot possibly be explained, only felt.
sunday night. felt a little bit more like FAC as the guys and i ordered round after round of beer and rang up a crazy long tab. we sat out on the terrace of an otherwise empty bar for hours of the afternoon and into the evening, proving that minnesota and wisconsin could keep up with the german guys sans probleme. i made nicos and patrick get chuzo for dinner with me – costeno fast food at its best – and the weekend was complete.
i love it when the girls go out to dinner for girls night and the guys stay in to cook dinner for guys night but then the guys invite the girls back for dessert because they made chocolate fondue and have wine for us.
after harrassing everyone i know (ok, and people i don’t know as well) for weeks, i have finally found a roommate who i am excited about living with and my hopes of moving into my own place are finally becoming more realistic. apartment hunting starts tonight.
after being in barranquilla for a month and a half, i have finally stumbled on close substitutes for some of “my spots” at home that i have missed the most. i probably spent as much time at barriques when i wasn’t working as when i was. despite the enormous amounts of coffee produced by this country, outside of bogota, the concept of a coffeeshop is pretty much nonexistant. which is why i was so excited when alex told me about la dulcerna, a gourmet pastry shop/bakery/coffeeshop close to my apartment. the cappuchinos may not be quite up to barriques standards, but not bad for b’quilla standards. they even have wireless. that is enough to make me not even mind missing LTM and sitting on my computer working for much of the weekend.
i finally splurged and joined a gym as well. i miss having the serf so close and so FREE. the sorry excuse for the gym at the university (read: small shitty weight room with old equipment and one treadmill that you have to pay for anyway) was no motivation at all. so i busted out the credit card and now have a membership at one of the best gyms here. it may be overpriced but i like it.
next two weekends: santa marta with the girls.
fall break mid-september: venezuela with alex to visit mariel and axlds people.
winter break part 1: backpacking argentina and uruguay with sarah.
winter break part 2: tanja comes to explore colombia with me and start the 2 month long carnaval season off right.

i heart travel plans.



  1. bueno, se nota q estás disfrutando cada momento, cada noche, cada día.
    solo pasaba por acá para dejarte mis saludos, hace mucho no lo hacía.
    te mando un beso grande desde BAires y espero verte algún otro día.

    te prometo de tomarme el hábtio de visitar tu blog más seguido.

  2. ahh sarah!!! look at those plans!! AMAZING. I laid out at the terrace to day…last time I did that we froze our butts off in that water!

    Talk to you not soon enough!

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