Posted by: Sarah | August 4, 2006

Nos vemos…

Conferences are great places for people to make extravagant travel plans, promises to come visit, or meet up in some other exotic destination, but the reality of it remains that there is a good chance that life will lead you down other roads. After a week’s worth of some of the most stirring conversations you have ever had with people who have become such close friends, often the pictures are all that remain to remind you of those moments.

Bienvenidos a MEDELLIN.

After the UK girls and I survived our “technically 12 hours, but plan on 15, turned into 19 hour long” bus ride, we were picked up at the bus terminal and headed to EAFIT. The afternoon was completely surreal as one by one, I was reunited with some of my best friends from AXLDS and ConoSur. I could hardly believe that 4 months ago, these were the people who had opened my eyes to the beauty of Colombia, showed me the passion and the fun of the culture that I quickly fell in love with, and completely changed my life. Others I had seen just a few weeks ago, thousands of miles south of here, in Argentina.

Diana, Andres, Lucas, Cata, Kelly, Tiffany, Santi, Liney, Sebastian, Fedde…

As Diana told me about how our Global Village at Madison sparked the idea of hosting a similar event here at the university yesterday in conjunction with trainee weekend – which was a HUGE success, great work OC 🙂 …as I sat on the sidelines of the football field with Andres, talking for ages, in Spanish instead of English this time…as we all danced the night away at the newest, most happening club in Latin America…I could not imagine being anywhere other than where I am right now.

I can’t believe that I am here. I can’t believe that all of you are here. I can’t believe that we made this happen.



  1. Hola Sarah!
    I guess the trainee wekend was great for you! it was for me! Im Andres, we met during the footbal match (colombia vs. world) playing with Andres’s laptop… As i said I made a link on my blog… check it out!


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