Posted by: Sarah | July 31, 2006


How many lives can one conference change?

I was talking to Camilo the other day, who was also at AXLDS with me this past spring, and he pointed out that the conference was a “come to Latin America” scheme….but in a good way. Out of the 6 Americans who attended the conference, current locations are as follows:

ME: Madison–>Barranquilla, Colombia: AIESEC educational traineeship
Anna: Madison–>Buenos Aires, Argentina: AIESEC developmental traineeship
Gwen: Colorado –>Mexico City, Mexico: AIESEC MC
Tiffany: Arizona–>Bogota, Colombia: management traineeship
Kip: Michigan–>Medellin, Colombia: studying Spanish at the university
Sarah: NYC…but she was already working for AIESEC, so we will let that one slide 😉

5 out of 6. Not bad.



  1. Haha. Good point. I never really thought of the big picture like that 😛

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