Posted by: Sarah | July 27, 2006

Sex in the City: Barranquilla edition

Our everyday discussions revolve around cultural differences and similarities, ranging from every topic imaginable, contrasting traditions, learning colloquial language. Dating is far from easy anywhere, but throw cultural differences into the mix and reading the opposite gender is infinitely more impossible than you ever could have imagined.

As we discussed “going out” habits tonight, the UK girls and I sided together on almost every single thing, often shocking our Latino friends. They were surprised and confused to learn that when a guy wants to hit on a girl in a bar, he will most likely buy her a drink rather than ask her to dance (“so a guy has to spend money to let a girl know that he thinks she is cute?” well, no…). Likewise, the guys seemed almost offended when we explained how girls often go out together in large groups just for the sake of spending time with friends and have mastered the art of “protecting” each other (only when necessary, of course) when a random guy gets too close.

Everyone tonight, both Latino and not, agreed that single girls are targeted here in bars, clubs, anywhere more than I have ever seen in the US, immediately marked as fresh meat. Before you go out, you had better make sure that everyone in your group has been paired off accordingly for the evening.

Which leaves the question, is “single and loving it” a possibility in Colombian culture where PDA is considered the norm?

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