Posted by: Sarah | July 27, 2006

Gotta get a message, get it on through, oh, gonna let the music play

The past few weeks have been filled with music, the passion of Latin culture streaming through the air day and night, no matter where I am.

ConoSur did not disappoint and the ever classic AIESEC songs played throughout the conference, alternating with more traditional Argentine dance music. Vivianna and I turned up the reggaeton on my laptop whenever we were in our room between sessions at the conference, and she assured me that my playlist would be right at home once I arrived in Colombia.

Thanks to the wonderful owners of our hostel in Buenos Aires, we were constantly entertained. Between Natil playing her guitar and Santi blasting Colombian music over the speakers in the common rooms, Manténgase was rarely lacking in background music.

I have been surrounded by a wonderful mixture of salsa, vallenato, reggaeton, and Colombian pop since the moment I arrived in Barranquilla, on the radio, in city buses, in bars, clubs, stores, and everywhere else. I had to laugh when Marcela, MariClau’s little sister, discovered my iPod while we were on our way to the mall a few nights ago. She was fascinated by it; it didn’t take her long to figure out how to work it and find the Spanish playlists on there. We bonded over “Pasamé la botella” and Shakira and MariClau and I taught her how to dance “Al Ritmo Vuelto”.

Ahhhhh, music. The most beautiful language of all.

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