Posted by: Sarah | July 27, 2006

Every place has a secret…

One of my closest friends told me that recently, and the more I travel, the more I realize just how true that is. I have stumbled upon a country with countless, undiscovered secrets.

We escaped the sticky, humid city for the weekend and after only a few hours, we had crossed the Sierra Nevada mountains and landed in Tayrona, far from any sign of civilization. The truck at the entrance of the park only took us a short distance into the forest before the only options of continuing were on foot or by horseback. After an hour of hiking through the mountains, we descended and the jungle of palm trees split to reveal that there was in fact a light at the end of the tunnel…some of the most beautiful, natural beaches I have ever seen in my life. Neither words nor pictures can do justice.

Camping takes on a whole new meaning when you can catch drops of Jupiter in the sea at midnight, lay on the beach staring up at the Milky Way, fall asleep in a hammock underneath palm trees instead of in a sleeping bag inside a tent, wake up early to see the sunrise reflected in the waves crashing against the boulders along the shoreline, and learn legends about the shipwreck that can be seen past the end of the cove…

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