Posted by: Sarah | July 14, 2006

si, hay shisha en argentina :)

Email from West Bend:

From: Elizabeth Bollen
To: Sarah Stafford
Date: Jul 13, 2006 6:12 PM
Subject: My curiosity

Ok, so this is totally random … but please explain hookah to me!!!! I am so cunfused! Is it tobacco? Is it pot? Is it candy? Is it a dog? Seriously … I do not understand. If it’s tobacco, why the hell is it in such a big thing? Why don’t people just smoke it like a cigarette? I see it has flavors. Please enlighten me. What does it make you feel like? I cig? Thank you for your time. Peace out … I will write a real email soon. Love, Liz 🙂

The two Turkish trainees busted out the shisha the past two nights. Hardly any of the Argentineans, Brazilians, Chileans, etc. had seen it before. They were impressed at how excited I was to see it. I’ve been trained well.



  1. I bought a shisha in egypt. it was beautiful. the vase broke on the plane… I am still in mourning, but seeing yours makes me happy. 🙂

  2. Hey you!
    Nice to hear from, my friend! I got some news: u remember I got elected LCVP? Well, guess what? I’m LCP now! I don’t really know if I should be happy, under the circumstances, but I gotta tell you, I feel sooo challenged right now! So, if you have any advices, let me know please! And… how’s Barranquilla doing?

    Kevy Nathalie

  3. hey you!

    Thnks for the comment… By the way, I opened a new blog, just to talk about my LCP experience…
    Take care my friend…….

    Hey, I would really like to see you, but I would prefer that you came in octobre, because in september i will be in the final phase of my thesis, so it’ll be difficult for me to take care of you…


    Kevy Nathalie
    The new P.

  4. Hey you!
    The link of the video is:

    Click on it… And under the video you will see the option “Blog IT”. You have to have a blogger or blogspot account.


    PS: I strongly recommend you that you come in october, not in september! If you do so, my house doors are open for u!

  5. Fuck yeah! Man, we totally didn’t get together ‘one last time’ while we were still both in the states. That blows. But I’m pretty fucking proud of the both of us. Look at where we are! Manny oh man. Alright, time to get back to rainy Seoul. Hope all is well! Take care.

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