Posted by: Sarah | July 4, 2006

Pensamientos del avion: Lima a Buenos Aires…

After a near catasrophe with a missed appointment at the Consulate General of Colombia, my visa is safely secured in my passport, and I´ve left behind the Chicago skyline one last time. In the past 24 hours, I´ve glimpsed the mountains of Guatemala, the palm trees of San Salvador, and the city lights of Lima. The plane has taken off once again, and the next time I touch the ground, I will officially have arrived at my first destination of this Latin American adventure I have gotten myself into: Buenos Aires.

Having grown up on ¨American¨ football, the World Cup craze of the past few weeks has intrigued me. Other than random intramural leagues and pick-up games over the years, I never got very into soccer. The games of the past few weeks however, have the same type of energy that takes over the world for a few weeks every couple years during the Olympic Games, and there is something fascinating about the sense of national pride that is evoked by a ¨global¨sport, especially one that does not carry quite the same meaning in the US as around much of the globe. As I sat in the waiting room of the Consulate General yesterday, the random assortment of people surrounding me and I sat with our eyes glued to the screen of the Argentina-Germany game. The 5 hour layover in San Salvador flew by this morning as Anna and I had breakfast in the airport bar surrounded by other travelers watching the scoreless-until-shootout England-Portugal match. Halfway through our flight, the captain of our plane announced in Spanish that France had upset Brasil, in a 1-0 final score, and I don´t think a single person on the flight remained silent at the news. Although I can´t say I had a favorite throughout, it would have been fun to see the craziness in person this week if Argentina had made it to the finals…



  1. Look at you! What a traveler! You’re just going everywhere. I’m so impressed and can’t wait to hear about your adventures. I wish you the absolute best of luck in everything you do. Don’t get lost 🙂

  2. Glad to hear that you got visa stuff situated! My advice- don’t let your purse with passport in it get thrown away. That makes things a little trickier! Other advice- have an amazing time!
    And if you meet an AIESECer from Peru named Tula, give her a huge hug for me!
    Big hug to you down South!

  3. holy shit, i know tula

  4. don’t get lost and don’t let your passport get thrown away. thanks guys, I know who to come to the next time i need travel advice!!

    nope, don’t know Tula, but I’ll let you both know if/when I’m going to Peru and you can give me her email 🙂

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