Posted by: Sarah | June 26, 2006

what’s your 7 day outlook?

Everyone in Argentina keeps warning us that it will be cold when we arrive. Opposite hemisphere = opposite seasons, I get the picture. All the delegate emails have been reminding people to pack WARM clothing, blah blah blah. My packing space is limited enough to begin with, since I need to bring my LIFE for the next 12 months with me, as I stop at the conference en route to my traineeship. I decided to look up the forecast today, and may have changed my packing list slightly.

Buenos Aires

July 1: 62 and scattered showers
July 2: 61 and partly cloudy
July 3: 62 and partly cloudy


July 4: 66 and mostly cloudy
July 5: 62 and cloudy

This little Wisconsin girl had to laugh. It takes a LOT more than that for me to consider it winter. Who wants to come visit Wisconsin next January? I’ll show you what cold weather is really like…



  1. How bout this to change your mind about packing: No indoor heating or insulation….wah wah waaah

  2. yeah that’s what I was going to say…at least in Chile, 55 degrees seemed like some of the coldest weather I’d been a part of. 60’s are fine, but beware of the night time.

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