Posted by: Sarah | June 22, 2006

Everyone here’s got somebody to lean on…

Over the past 4 years, I have been incredibly lucky to have found several very close groups of friends. My friends have always been the most important people in my entire life. They have shared so many fun memories and have been there for me when I have needed them the most, at the most significant points in my life. The Hump Day Crew from the 7th floor, my Paris girls, the AIESEC’ers, the Barriques family. But there is something to be said for those who have been around since the beginning.

My roommates.

There are 6 of us. While we have never all lived together at once, and people often get confused when I refer to someone as my roommate who lives in a different apartment than me, that’s what we are. We met in the dorms almost instantly, and by the end of freshman year, our group was sealed. Over the years, we’ve mixed and matched, from the dorms to summer sublets to the Embassy, but have somehow always lived together. Who would have known that 4 years later, despite everything that’s happened, we are all still here.

Last night’s gourmet dinner was the last roommate dinner for half of us. 3 of the girls will remain in Madtown next year to live it up as 5th years together, while the twins head off to their real grown-up jobs in Chicago…and I leave the country. The menu of choice was garlic shrimp with homemade pesto, bruschetta, cherry cheesecake, a couple bottles of fine wine…who says that college kids live only on EasyMac, Ramen, and beer? Nothing out of the ordinary for us.

As we flipped through photo albums last night, and laughed at how young we looked in those “drinking in the dorms” pics of freshman year, I realized how lucky I was to have spent my college years with 5 people who are now my best friends. All the little moments we recalled made me realize that they have been the ones who knew me best…every Halloween, every FRIENDS marathon, the first until the last Badger football game, the classic college road trip to Florida for spring break, the Christmas shopping trips to Chicago, the dance parties at Brothers, and every feast that we have cooked. We spent the summer after freshman year roadtripping all over the state to visit each other and kept in touch as people have transferred schools and come back or studied abroad. We’ve been there for each other through the school stress, the family deaths, the falling in love, the heartaches, the late night drives just for the sake of talking for hours.

Jack, D, Liz, Ralpie, Em…here’s to you guys. Thank you for being my roommates. Thank you for being my best friends. I love you all so much and will miss you like crazy.


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