Posted by: Sarah | June 4, 2006

you love this town, even if that doesn’t ring true…

Preparing myself to jump into a new culture has me thinking more and more about my own culture. I know that part of the beauty of AIESEC and part of the responsibility that comes with any kind of living abroad experience is being able to teach others about MY culture while being equally open to learning about theirs. Other than random trains of thought, I really have no idea where to begin. How do you explain something that is a part of who you are, how you have been raised, and what you have always known?

What is culture?

What is American culture?

How do I want to go about sharing this with others?

I have always been fascinated by culture, but when put to the test of teaching it to others, I’m stuck. hmmm.



  1. Youll do great Sarah. It is a super hard thing to convey. So, this ,ight be silly, but Maimonides tried to explain some very complex ideas and found that sometimes it is more fruitful to think of things in terms of what they are not. That is how I have been trying to portray american culture (bc it is hard as hell to say what it IS). I try to show that Americans are not lazy, not stupid, not loud, not pretentious, not rude etc. Keep me posted on your work and your thoughts! Love Lindsey

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