Posted by: Sarah | May 7, 2006

random thoughts from the ethnic studies sister room….

Exams do strange things to people…

Katie announced that she was planning to wear the same t-shirt this entire week, just in case it gave her good luck.

Jenna and I told her this may be the only day that she is allowed to sit at the same table as us in the ethnic studies sister room.

Per a late night study break discussion a few nights ago that revolved around dorm food, Katy just brought us potato rounds from Pop’s Club. Hands down, the highlight of the morning.

The day has been filled with highlighter vs. textbook wars, uncontrollable fits of giggles between me and Katy which led to dirty looks from Jenna, and plans to quit school and join the circus.

Exam week has only just begun and I think that we have already lost any amount of sanity that we ever had.



  1. Hey, people from around the world read my blog…they might not know that Helen C refers to a library…

    p.s. I hate this damn keyboard

  2. aha,I never saw anyone get so excited for pops.

  3. those were facetious dirty looks by the way…but all too real excitement for pops

    p.s. did you know that’s how you spell facetious?!…weird

  4. i think i need to work on expanding my vocabulary because not only can I not pronounce that word; I had to look it up as well.

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