Posted by: Sarah | April 28, 2006

jumping on the bandwagon…

I know about a million people with my first name. My last name had better results anyway. Here goes….

Googlism for: STAFFORD

stafford is the director of the social security

stafford is right for you

stafford is sweet

stafford is a poet of ordinary life

stafford is based on financial need and features deferment of principal and interest charges while enrolled at least half

stafford is an expert in the realm of british intelligence during world war II

stafford is also a major advocate of community outreach

stafford is one of the friendliest places on earth

stafford is basing her team in the chicago area

stafford is the kid from sydney’s western suburbs who abandoned rugby league

stafford is not light years away

stafford is awarded to students who demonstrate financial need

stafford is an accomplished electric guitarist

stafford is available from monday through friday

stafford is caused by the transfer of balance during movement and in no way should this roll or sway be overdone to resemble the rolling

….damn FAFSA loan. stole half my answers.



  1. That second to last one is definately true.

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