Posted by: Sarah | April 10, 2006

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Back at the library for a few more hours after my usual Sunday night shift at work. My decision to bring the leftover bakery to the ethnic studies room instead of home to my roommates was greated with an overly enthusiastic, nearly orgasmic, whispers of excitement. Guys and free food…I don’t think I will ever understand. I got a cold spring roll in return from this one. It came out of his pocket. I was slightly afraid to eat it.

I’ve spent way too much time talking online with conference peeps this week. I always make fun of Katy for typing “ahahaha” when she talks online. Online laughing in Spanish is “jajaja”. How’s that for a cultural difference? Motivation is lacking when graduation is just 5 weeks away. Traineeships in Colombia are getting closer and closer to being a reality, the more people that I talk to. Medellin, Bogota, Baranquilla, Manizales…we’ll see where I am a few months from now…



  1. i supose i would say ajaja huh

  2. you get leftover bakery too!! awwwwesome

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